What is your Guarantee?

Our guarantee is that we work hard for you every night. We use the exact conversation pieces agree upon upfront, engage women that meet your criteria, and after a few messages back and forth, ask for their number or whatever contact info you prefer.

We do the best that’s possible based on your location, photos, dating criteria, etc.

How Many Numbers/Dates/Sex Will I Get?

The only professional answer is: We have no idea.

My team and I have been doing this a long time now, so we know it’s 100% marketing bullsh*t to guarantee any type of specific results.

We don’t rely on sales & marketing gimmicks to get new clients. We know our service is top notch and we do the best at what we can control. The factors we cannot control are: Clients Photos, Location, and Dating Criteria. These 3 factors all drastically alter results…

Same Work + Different Situation = Different Results

For example: We work for Client A in ABC city and get him an average of 2-3 numbers a night with fairly gorgeous women. We also work for Client B in XYZ city and get him an average of 1 number/night with mediocre women. Note: When a client gets less than desirable matches – the BEST way to increase quality is with Better Photos. – Click Here to Learn More

Same exact work. Different situation. Different results.

Honesty Upfront, Not Marketing Hype

We’re honest upfront – that’s why we don’t guarantee any specific results.

We work hard for our clients and the most important thing is good communications and expectations. If you give us honest feedback often, we can improve quickly for you.